Katrina Cain


First things first. What a name!

This one comes to us all the way from Texas, a mostly folk-pop sound but with hints of country if you want to go looking for them. A minimal platform allows the finely crafted lyrics to sumptuously relax as they are bought to life by Katrina’s honest vocal delivery. It gives off a feeling that holds your hand. Not in a patronising crossing-the-road way, but more in the manner of a valued companion.

I like your song, ‘The Dream’. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

It was actually inspired by one of the scariest dreams I’ve had. I was lying in my bed unable to move or speak, screaming from the inside for someone to come wake my body up. To this day, I’m not sure if this was legitimate sleep paralysis, some sort of lucid dream, or just a really realistic nightmare. Being conscious but unable to move is the scariest feeling.

I get those from time to time. I dream I’m painfully dragging myself across the floor knowing that I’m dreaming but trying to move. It’s doubly scary because I used to sleepwalk a lot, so it could be real. But then I wake up in the dream and it all starts again. Want to know how you KNOW it’s a dream? Because in a dream you try to get up and move, whereas in real life you’ll try and stay in bed as long as possible. Unless that’s just me. Anyway, here’s the song.

Go and post thoughtful comments on Katrina’s Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook. She’s also in the third Guitar Center songwriting contest, so you can vote for her in that if you like.

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